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What We Cost

So how much does it cost to have a web site developed?

Well, how much is a car, a house or a vacation trip? No easy answer. Depends on options, rooms, location.

Same thing with a web site; depends on a number of factors... number of nodes, number of "pages", how much custom design work is put into each page, custom graphics requirements, script programming, server side programming, database design, payment server integration, etc., etc.

 That doesn't help you that much... here's how we come up with a price.

Typically most clients prefer to know what things are going to cost before work commences. For each project or project phase, a flat cost (plus disbursements) is estimated based on anticipated working time. As long as requirements and specifications don't change too much during the course of development, you know how much you pay from the start. No surprises.

If specs are initially loose due to unknown factors, we may provide a small plus or minus percentage. For example, if some criteria is not known at the time a project commences, we may say the project will cost $nnn (+ or - 10%). If specs are very vague, the range could be as high as 25% or 35%, but we like to discourage this degree of looseness.

Another option, where project boundaries are not all that firm, is to request work on a hourly or daily basis. We typically do small maintenance activities using this approach, but it can also be applied to full projects. Call for rates.

 But I'm really on a tight budget

Depending on your requirements, a full custom site can run from $3,000 up to several thousand dollars. If you are working on a budget and you don't mind some compromises, we can design your site with budget in mind. These are basic information sites consisting of from 3-6 "pages" and usually run from as low as $500 to about $1,200.

Add custom graphics work, forms, animation, shopping cart, or other bells and whistles, though, and the cost can double or quadruple for the same number of pages.

 Well, here's how much I have

This is another alternative to pricing.You come up with the price, we come up with the design. Sure it's backwards, but we'll bend over backwards to provide you with an internet business solution to meet your budget.

Whether it's a fully dressed corporate model or a basic budget model, all our projects are treated individually, with the utmost care and design quality.

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