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How We Do It

Development Stages

Here is an overview of the main stages that Twisted Pixel follows during the development of a typical web site.

 1. Initial Meeting(s) with Client

Discuss your purpose, goals, visions. Review content, including available graphic material, corporate literature, etc. Brainstorming. Results in us getting a general concept and direction of the site and you getting a cost estimate and preliminary site structure.

Since we are often geographically separated from many of our clients, sometimes this step is performed over the phone, email, TeamViewer, and sometimes courier. Prior to this "meeting" it is helpful if you surf the web to get ideas you may like, and also what you don't like.

 2. Homepage Mockup

Develop mockups of home page and 2nd level pages. Review design with client, recycle and fine tune until agreement on look and navigation The mockups are done primarily with graphics, with a minimum amount of HTML coding and little or no interactivity. If the site content is not completely written yet, homepage mockup may come a bit later.

 3. Prototype Development

Once the basic design and creative direction is agreed upon, an interactive working prototype is developed. Home page and other key pages are developed using graphics, HTML and programming. The prototype is placed on a test server for client review, revisions, and approval.

 4. Final Development

This includes completion of the remaining pages, finalizing and testing of the code. Links are validated on the server by a web robot. Final approval of the site by the client.

 5. Promote to Production

Site is promoted to the production server and a final review is performed.

 6. Search Engine Optimzation (SEO)

Actually, SEO starts very early in the developement process during content creation and continues through the developement cycle.

 7. Post Production

No matter how hard you try, there will likely be minor content changes to make soon after the site launches. Modification such as minor wording changes, typo corrections and the like will be done at no charge for up to 1 month from production launch. More substantial changes will be done on a time and materials basis or by estimate. Successful web sites don't stop at implementation. It is important to keep the content current and fresh. We can maintain your site at reasonable rates.

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